Act as Company Secretary

The new Act requires every Company type to have a Company Secretary. The Secretary may be one of the Directors however, if the Company has only one Director then that Company must have a separate Company Secretary. The Company Secretary must be at least 18 years old.

It is now a duty of the Directors to ensure that the Secretary has the Skills or Resources Necessary to discharge his or her Statutory and other Duties.

The Directors of a Company shall, in their appointment of a Secretary, have a duty to ensure that the person appointed has the skills necessary so as to enable him or her to maintain (or procure the maintenance of) the records (other than accounting records) required to be kept under the Companies Act in relation to the Company. 

CLS Chartered Secretaries can act as the Named Company Secretary and provide Company Secretarial Services to the Company. We can also act as Nominee Company Secretary. 

For Information on these services contact us on 059 91 86776 or email Amy or Conor.